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Are you interested becoming a Realtor, but not sure where to begin?  We'd love to answer your questions and help guide you through the process!  Check out some helpful Q&As on this page, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Suceed in Real Estate

What characteristics do I need to possess in order to succeed in Real Estate?

We ask that you have a tenacious work ethic, resilience and have a spirit of gratitude. We believe that a mentality of gratefulness attracts opportunities and success.  It's also a plus if you enjoy helping people and being a part of a team.  

Real Estate Exam

What qualifications do I need in order to become a licensed Realtor?

You need to take a licensure course in Real Estate and pass the State Exam. You will also need to have your finger prints taken.

Real Estate Class

Where do I take the real estate licensure course?

If you enjoy in-person education, then we recommend taking classes at reFocus Real Estate School. reFocus offers evening classes, and if you prefer an online option, reFocus also has an online option. 

Realtor costs

How much does it cost to become a real estate agent?

Real estate courses can run anywhere from $200 - $550, plus the cost of materials. The State Exam costs, $50, which includes a $50 charge for your finger prints. Once you pass the test, you should register with your local Realtor Association and MLS. Those fees are around $2000 (the majority of that amount are one-time set up fees with the MLS).  

Brokerage Fees

Does Keeton & Co charge any fees?

We have several compensation plans depending on which best fits your goals. We have plans with some fees and plans without any fees. Set up a time to meet with us in order to discuss which plan would best fit your career goals.

Real Estate Wages

How much do real estate agents make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Virginia real estate agents earn an average wage of $64,000 a year.

Real estate is a limitless buisness! Depending on your level of effort, you can make well into a 6 figure income.  At Keeton&Co full-time agents who have been with the company for a year or more are averaging an annual income of $105,000

Life of a Real Estate Agent

What does an average day look like?

Many agents enjoy the flexibility that a career in real estate affords them. You can set your own schedule and be your own boss. It's important to remember that as your own boss, you are also the employee and responsible for managing every aspect of your business. Keeton&Co offers our Partner Agents access to our marketing manager, a full time Transaction Coordinator, field technicians, and IT support.

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